We are Druksys

Druksys, LLC was founded by Michael G. Schwirian and Carl Middleton in San Antonio, Texas. With the guidance and support of the UT Health San Antonio Neurosurgery Department, our team developed a platform of tools that made it easier to manage and cultivate the university’s residency programs. After we saw how much these tools benefited the faculty and staff at UT Health, our team started working diligently to broaden our user base. The platform can now be operated by any graduate medical program looking to optimize their most valuable resource:Time.

Our Mission

We believe that great matches result in stronger programs and superior healthcare.

Our mission is to give graduate medical educators the tools they need to more effectively organize interviews, perform evaluations, manage rankings, and interpret data.

After using our system, we believe faculty and staff will be better equipped to make informed decisions about residency candidate selection.

At all times, the Druksys team is dedicated to keeping things clean and simple: Easy to learn and easy to use.